Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Steps to Embroidery Success

     Being new to Machine Embroidery is a welcome challenge for me.   In June of this year, after realizing I am unable to continue working with polymer clay, I purchase a Singer Futura SES1000  on HSN .  Once the machine arrived I set to work setting up and playing with the machine. I am not a novice to a sewing machine, having been a seamstress in my earlier years. :).  With that said,  LOL, I of course jumped right in. 

     My model of machine requires a computer to be hooked up to it to send and receive patterns. I like this as I don't have to put my patterns on a usb stick to transfer to the machine.  My only gripe with this machine is the limited embroidery fields to only 2 hoops.  Hopefully, within the next year or so I will be able to up-size to a bigger machine.  I would love one with more than one needle. :) Ahhhhh, dreaming already!

 Just a note to Pimp my favorite Ebay and site for Polyester thread.  ThreadART.  The rack and thread pictured were purchase from them via Ebay. Check em out!

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  1. Welcome to blog land, I look forward to hearing more about your embroidery and a long distance friendship.