Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

     As we come upon this Thanksgiving it is only right to give thanks for all we gone over and through. Without these trials our eyes would become blind to all that God has done for us.  I am particularly thankful for a healed marriage, my husband and I divorced back in April 2008 and were reunited in marriage on April 30th of this year. Nothing is too big or small for God. In October, we were blessed with a little pekingese puppy, who 3 weeks later came down with Parvo. Today, Knuckles is a thriving, energetic puppy whom we both love dearly.

      I am also thankful for our current trial. After working for a company for 20 some years, my husband was fired due to having a neck injury caused by his work environment. Upon being fired however, they finally allowed him to fill a workman's comp claim and is now facing surgery in the near future. This time is not without its blessings and miracles. Two days after losing his job, he is employed part time with a company that is owned by some friends of ours. I also am working on orders for stuffed animals and purses that will keep me busy for some time. Our friends have also hired me to do some non sewing work for them. God is Good!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

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